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Past Productions

A work-in-progress list of the Society's past productions. There are plenty missing, and some listed details may be wrong, so please send any additions or corrections to the chairman.

Nightmare by Norman Robbins
28th & 29th September
King Arthur by Paul Reakes
4th & 5th February
Look Away Now + Heart to Heart + Chinamen by Michael Frayn
22nd & 23rd July
Bang, You're Dead! by Paul Reakes + Thermal Underwear by Andrew Davies
18th & 19th January
Mother Figure and Gosforth's Fête by Alan Ayckbourn
27th & 28th June
Aladdin by Norman Robbins
7th & 8th December
Robinson Crusoe by John Morely
1st & 2nd December
Murder at Lambton Hall by Joan Lee
13th & 14th May
Comfort and Joy by Mike Harding
2nd & 3rd December
Joining the Club by David Tristram + The Droitwich Discovery by Nick Warburton
2nd & 3rd July
The White Cat by Norman Robbins
3rd & 4th December
Getting Along by Charles Mander
6th & 7th June
Hound of the Baskervilles by Tim Kelly
5th & 6th December
Pull the Other One by Norman Robbins
26th & 27th April
Panto at the OK Corral by Jim Sperinck
6th & 7th December
Tomb with a View by Norman Robbins
8th & 9th June
Party Piece by Richard Harris
19th & 20th May
Cinderella by David Swan
8th & 9th December
Dead Man's Hand by Seymour Mathews
15th & 16th May
Rumplestiltzkin by ?
4th & 5th December
Brenton versus Brenton by David Tristram
21st June
Murder in Paradise by Bob Crossan
21st & 22nd November
Campfire's Burning by Jean M Hayward + Last Tango in Hempstead by David Tristram
28th & 29th June
The Christmas Cavalier by Richard Lloyd
6th & 7th December
Olde Tyme Music Hall
31st March & 1st April
The Farndale Avenue Townswomens' Guild Dramatic Society Production of "A Christmas Carol" by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jnr
8th & 9th December
Shock Tactics by John Dole
19th, 20th & 21st May
The Chest by Adam Thomas + Humphrey Pumphrey had a Great Fall by Alfred Greenaway
28th & 29th October
The Return by Tony Edwards + There's Always Spring by Arthur Lovegrove + Little Red Whittington by Richard Tyderman
12th & 13th November
Party to Murder by Olive Chase and Stewart Burke
27th, 28th & 29th February
At the Changing of the Year by Malcolm Young + Zartan by Nick Warburton
27th & 28th November
Old Time Music Hall
5th & 6th April
A Star is Dead by Aline Waites and Robin Hunter
6th January
The Tilyards' Night In by Alan Ogden + Anyone for Tennis? by Gwyn Clark
7th, 8th & 9th June
Dick Turpington and his Cat by Lynn Feaver and Malcolm Chesworth
27th & 28th January
I'll Get My Man by Philip King
7th & 8th July
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