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The London Evening Post 7 May

Price-Goodwin Family Tree 1700s-1900s

1842 - Tithe Map
Key to Tithe Award Map 1842
Tithe Map

1891 (Census)
Census 1891
Census 1901
War Dead of Hempstead 1914-18

Flour and Grist Mill sale particulars

Correspondence requesting sources
Church Army - 1908-1909
Church Army - 1909-1910
Church Army - 1910-1911
Church Army - 1910-1911/2
Church Army - 1920-1921
Church Army - 1928-1929
Church Army - 1930-1931
Church Army - 1936-1937
Church Army - 1938-1939

Our distant empire
Farming in equatorial Africa

Newspaper article - local casualty

The Hempstead Estate

Essex Archaeological Soc leaflet

Account of George Harding - probate

Country Wife's First Look at London

Conservation in the Village
English Heritage Letter re Ancient Monuments

AGM minutes 1970
Letter 16-1-72
Village Events leaflets
Village Society Leaflet

Bungalow Dispute

Handel's Messiah
Related Document

Newspaper Article 13-12-73
Newspaper Article 20-12-73

Fundraising Letter 1973
Receipts and payments 1973
Fundraising Letter 1974
Fundraising Letter 1980
Social Committee Fundraising Letter
Village Hall Finances Notes 1970s
Village Hall Hire Charges C.1960s

Correspondence re HVS vs HPC 2
Correspondence re HVS vs HPC
Feasibility of Reinstating Village Pond
Newspaper Article re Pond
Newspaper article re village pond

1977 - Long Corner Cottage Rebuilt
1978 - Arsonist Caught
1978 - Village of Fear

1980 - Village Pump Restoration
1981 - Ring of Trees Disease
1986 - Cordon Bleu Certificate Winner
1988 - Housing Plan Battle Lost
1988 - School (newspaper article) part 1
1988 - School (newspaper article) part 2

1995 - Village Sign
1997 - Bluebell New Menu
1997 - Restoration of Wash Cottage
1998 - Lottery Windfall for Village

Parish Data File

Millennium Tapestry

Jubilee Walk and Newspaper article

Online Research
Cake Ban (newspaper articles - various)
Cake Ban (online articles - BBC)

Anniversary Celebrations of Nelson
Churchyard Vandals

Dick Turpin
Turpins 2nd Indictment
Turpin's Trail
Rookwood - Harrison Ainsworth
Infamous Productions - Dick Turpin
The True Story of Dick Turpin
Would the Real Turpin Stand Up 1988
Old Eng Pub co Newsletter
Pub Event Invite - Turpin
Newspaper - Hi Di High 1996
Turpin Robs Harvey of Historical Limelight 1998
Keeping up the Legend of DIck Turpin 1972

William Harvey
Harvey Helment Misc
Harvey Memorial docs
James Bettley - Lapt in Lead
Letters from the Harvey Family
Letters Regarding Harvey Helmet
Pilgrimage to the Tomb - Harveian Society 1931
The grave of William Harvey - Quiver 1871
W Harvey Document

Estates of William Harvey
Key to volume of survey of lands - W. Harvey 1770
pp.0-10 pp.11-20 pp.21-30 pp.31-40
pp.41-50 pp.51-60 pp.61-66 pp.71-80
pp.81-86 pp.91-100 pp.101-110 pp.111-118

The Harding Family
Baptism Certificate - Harriet Harding (2)
Baptism Certificate - Harriet Harding
Baptism Certificate - Willie Joyce Side 1
Baptism Certificate - Willie Joyce Side 2
Bill to G Harding 1949
Birth Certificate Side 1
Birth Certificate Side 2
Salvation Army Declaration Certificate
Wedding certificate - Joyce and Harding
Wedding certificate - Joyce and Harding

Hempstead in the Historical Record
Church Transactions 1913
Civil Parish of Hempstead Records
Doomsday Book Record
Historical Monuments in Essex vol 1 1916
Kelly's Directory of Essex (various)
Kelly's Directory of Essex c.1935
Reaney - Place Names of Essex
Histories and Antiquities
C of E Magazine 2 July 1864
Herts and Essex Observer 10 dec 1904
History and Topography of Essex
Walter Crane - An Artist's Reminscenes

Local History Documents
The Knights of St John in Essex
Miscellaneous Documents
Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles

Historical Studies of Hempstead
Hempstead Roman Road and Villa
Keyhole Excavation of Mill Field Hempstead
Potted History of Hempstead - History Society

The Consecration of Hempstead Church 1937
Christmas Card - Church pic
Church Terrier 1887
Letter and Specification for work on Church 09-09-1987
Letters referring to Brass Study
Lists of Historical Objects and Memorials (various)
Newspaper clipping (1970-1971)
Newspaper clipping 1
Newspaper clipping 2
Order of Service 02-10-1965
Order of Service 03-06-1962 (2 copies)
Order of Service 17-12-1960 (2 copies)
Order of Service 21-071964
Pamphlet - the care of monumental brasses and ledger slabs
Record of Church Searched - Monumental Brass Soc - 16-04-1972
Reference to Hempstead Church's Brasses (1901)
St Andrew's Hempstead - Brief Guide
St Andrew's Hempstead - Church Guide

Hempstead and Sampford Parish Magazine Covers
Feb 1925 Jan 1928 Feb 1928 Mar 1928
Sep 1928 Jan 1932 Mar 1933 Jun 1933
Aug 1933 Sep 1933 Mar 1934 Oct 1934
Nov 1934 Feb 1935 Apr 1935 Sep 1936
Jun 1940 Jun 1941 Dec 1943 Mar 1944
Apr 1944

Magazines and Leaflets
East Anglian Magazine (2)
Hedges and Shelterbelts
The Royal Magazine May 1900 - Hempstead
Saffron Walden Year Book & Almanack 1940
A guide to Rights of Way around Steeple Bumpstead
Covers of the Essex Leaflets Included in Archive
Essex Society for Archeaology and History

Hempstead Pubs
Aerial view of the pub
Copies of Photograph of Pub
Copies of Postcard Picture and Text
Enlarged Postcard
Picture - Crown Inn
Postcard - Horse and Carts Outside
Postcard - v Small
Postcard 30 July 1912
Postcard The Crown Inn
The Bluebell Inn
The Oak Public House
The Rose and Crown - Photos and Docs

War Memorial
War Memorial order of service
Photographs From 4th July 1925
Modern Sketches on Memorial
Postcard - Unveiling of Memorial

Ring of Trees
Ring of Trees - Old Postcards

Then & Now
Anvil Rise - former Blacksmiths forge
Drapers and General Stores
Firs Cottage
Houses on Hill Road
Oak House (former pub) on Bumpstead Rd
Primitive Methodist Chapel
Village Pond
Wincelow Hall Cottage

Anso Corner Cottage
Anso Corner Cottage - Roberts-Barnard Family

Property Sales
Abstract of Title - Clays Cottages, May 1880
(Full version available on request)
Dwelling House, Cottage, Farm Homestead 1
Dwelling House, Cottage, Farm Homestead 2
Freehold Arable Land
Great Dawkins, Valuable Freehold Farm
Arable and Pasture Land
Great Dawkins, Five Cottages and Smallholding
Michael Coyne Cover Letter
Great Dawkins Inventory 1
Great Dawkins Inventory 2

Old Maps
Map of Hempstead 1924
Map of Hempstead 1946-1949

Yeomans 1920
Yeomans Rear 1920
Yeomans 1930

Coote Family Photographs
Houses Around Hempstead
Village Houses
Jacob Coote
The Hempstead Oak Pre-1914
Cartoon Sketch of Army Officer
Eliab Harvey Portrait
Group Picture
Johnson Family Photograph
School Picture
Unknown Woman (victorian or edwardian era)

Coach Road Cottage
The Oak Public House
Copies of Photos of the Clays
Hempstead Shop With Horse and Cart
Long Corner Cottage
Copy of Photo of OAPs 1909
Primitive Methodist Chapel
Shop on Triangle
Wayside-South View c1900
Wayside - South View 2002
Hempstead Main Road
Copy of Picture

Dick Turpin's Cottage and Outside Shop
Howlands, Witch Tree Lane
Modern Photo of Village House
Modern Picture
General Stores and Post Office
Hempstead from Bumpstead Road
Rosemary Cottage
Photograph 1
Photograph 2
Photograph 3
House to Left of Pub
Hempstead High Street

Postcard 1
Postcard 2
Postcard 3
Postcard 4
Postcard 5
Postcard 6
Postcard 7
Postcard 8
Postcard 9
Postcard 10
Postcard 11

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