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Chairman + Police Liason + Village HallSean McCarthy01799 599558
Village WebsiteDiana Frost01799 599771
EnvironmentAlan Weedon01799 599366
Traffic and Legal IssuesMark Welbourn01799 599238
Highways + Public FootpathsDavid Drane01799 599397
Neighbourhood Watch + Tree WardenLaura Saxel 
Clerk + Responsible OfficerMartyn Long 

held at the Village Hall on Thursday 16th January 2020
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Members of the Public:

The Parish Council meeting started at 8.15 pm


    County Councillor Walsh
    Mrs Laura Saxel
    Mr Mark Welbourn


    County Councillor Simon Walsh had sent a January report that had been circulated.

    District Councillor Alan Storah spoke about his report that had been circulated prior to the meeting.

    Stansted Airport: Planning meetings will take place on 17th and 24th Jan to consider the adequacy of the S106 Agreement (Money that the airport pay towards local infrastructure), as well as any new considerations since UDC resolved to grant the planning application.

    A reply from Government reply to the Local Plan submission have not been positive. It was declared unsound. Plan to be withdrawn from examination as inspectors found fault with evidence substantiating transport and infrastructure provision and the proposals for 3 new settlements particularly Great Chesterford and Easton Park.

    Boytons Planning Application for change of use to Nursery provision. The case is progressing. Councillor Storah will keep us informed.

    Councillor initiative grant: This grant of £500 needs to be decided on soon. The Council has agreed that they would like to put this towards a car park extension to the Village Hall Car Park.


    held Tuesday 3rd December 2019 were agreed as a correct record. The Plans and Objectives document agreed at that meeting was also signed.


    None not covered elsewhere.

    The following are all still awaiting decisions:
    Land South of Limes: UTT/19/1756/FUL
    Land north of Old Bakery, High Street. UTT/19/2517/FUL.
    Land by Thatch Cottage, Hill Road. UTT/19/2707/OP.
    Chaseside UTT/19/3088/FUL change of conditions for access slope.


    Letters of thanks had been received from Essex Air Ambulance, Stop Stansted Expansion and Home Start for donations from the Parish Council. It was agreed to give Citizens Advice Bureau a donation in the next financial year.


    The state of the High Street was discussed. The recent very wet weather had led to debris being strewn on pavements. This had been exacerbated by building work involving kerbside deliveries and other activities. Whilst it is not possible to compel residents to clear up in front of their properties it was considered that it may be worth making an appeal in the newsletter to encourage co-operation.

    The recent heavy rains are obviously a countywide problem and the scale of the situation meant that it was unrealistic to expect swift solutions. However, there were some signs that the service was more responsive. A deep pothole outside Firs Cottage that appeared just before Christmas was dealt with relatively promptly. Highways concerns can be logged onto the County website where they are assigned a number and should get a reasonably swift acknowledgement. Miss Frost had reported a situation outside her cottage and had been assured that it will be dealt with in due course.

    At several other sites, such as outside Bellropes where water is gathering for some distance in the gutter and the footway is being continually splashed and debris spread. The road experienced the usual flooding on Long Corner Cottage, but the residents had made efforts to clear this and it was clearing quicker than previously.

    It was agreed that all issues should be promptly reported as they occurred. Mr Drane who is constantly chasing Highways and PROW issues agreed to update his list and continue his representations to County Councillor Simon Walsh. Another area he would address was the signage and safety barriers left behind in several locations after work carried out by Highways in the past. Mr Turkentine would tackle some of the flooding issues.


    Mr Welbourn had suggested that we take part in the Great British litter pick 20/3/20 to 13/4/20 by organising a session of litter clearance. The Chairman suggested asking Mr Welbourn if he would organise this

    The Clerk had contacted Julian Basham concerning the extra cutting at the Church Hill pond area and possible involvement in footpath cutting. No reply had been received yet.


    Notice had been given that Parish Council websites will have adhere to new Accessibility and Transparency regulations. Websites need to be compliant by 23rd September 2020, apps by 23rd June 2021. Diana Frost and Brian Kitchen will look at the implications though it is thought that smaller organisations such as our will not be expected to have to spend disproportionately to achieve compliance.


    It was agreed that the increase of payment for Brain Kitchen’s stewardship of the website would be up to £100 per month from the start of the year. The clerk would put on the change to the standing order the next day. He would also put on the changes to his salary and the PAYE standing orders that had not been authorised in time previously. The Chairman asked that to save a repetition of these delays Miss Frost, Mrs Saxell, Mark Welbourn and Nick Turkentine be the nominated first authorisers.

    The amended draft budget for the next financial year 2010/2021 was discussed, agreed and signed by the Chairman. The budget now showed an allocated amount for a possible grant of £1000 to the Village Hall for a car park extension. £500 of this would come from the grant discussed with Councillor Storah. Additional there were reserved amounts for the VE day celebrations, £250 and £500 for a Social event in the Autumn to ameliorate any issues of isolation and generally encourage greater participation in Village life.

    The Precept form, that showed the amount that we would receive from Uttlesford District Council, was signed and would be sent off the next day.

    The Chairman also signed the last invoice to Julian Basham of £165 for grass cutting. Also receipts for clerks back pay and yearly expenses as well as donations to Home Start, Essex, Air ambulance and Stop Stansted Expansion


    The clerk had written to Community Heartbeat concerning the change in defibrillator equipment that had been requested some time ago but that had not yet been carried out. He also asked for dates that a training course could be held for volunteers to take part in a Volunteer Emergency System to provide support in event of a medical emergency that may be being dealt with by a single person or anyone feeling in need of support and use of the defibrillator. We have three volunteers and it may be an opportunity to increase this as the course can cope with up to ten people.


    The Parish Council had agreed to give a donation of £250 to start off the planning. Miss Frost had already started to get ideas from various people, and she agreed to chair a group to progress the planning.


    A £1000 grant towards car park was agreed subject to negotiation with the Village Hall Management Committee. Thanks were expressed to John Sladen who had recently re-painted the storeroom area. This now looked much smarter.


    The Clerk informed that meeting that he wished to stand down at the end of the financial year on 31st March. He had informed the Chairman before Christmas and would offer a formal letter of resignation in due course. The Chairman asked if he could provide a Job Description. Mr Long said he would provide extensive details of the tasks that he had prepared as part of the ongoing update of paperwork and would do everything possible to ensure a smooth transition.

FUTURE MEETINGS - Thursdays February 13th, March 12th and 9th April at 8pm, all in the Village Hall.

The meeting ended at 9.45 pm

For a printable version of these minutes please click here.

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