Parish Council

Parish of Hempstead

I HEREBY GIVE YOU NOTICE that a Meeting of Hempstead Parish Council will be held at the Village Hall on Thursday 13th June 2019 at 8 pm

Members of the public are very welcome to attend and can raise matters when the appropriate item is reached on the agenda but cannot speak during the meeting.

M Long
Parish Clerk

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Reports from District or County Councillors
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting held Thursday May 2019
  4. Matters Arising
     - not covered elsewhere
  5. Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly Meeting Friday 26th April
  6. Matters Arising
     - not covered elsewhere
  7. Defibrillator
  8. Planning
     - Basil Cottage UTT/19/1298/FUL change in materials Comments by 2nd July
     - Fairview Bungalow UTT/19/0687/HHF Retrospective Application. Opposing
     - Comments submitted by Parish Council. Status: Awaiting decision
     - Newlands: New Dwelling UTT/18/3513/ FUL Appeal to Secretary of State Comments by 25th June
     - Anso Farm, New dwelling. UTT/19/1140/FUL Re-application after refusal Comments by 21st June
  9. Correspondence
     - District Councillor Anthony Gerard, Portfolio Holder for Residents & Community Partnerships
     - Police & Emergency Services had contacted parishes offering to meet with them
     - VE.Day 2020
  10. Highways and Rights of Way
     - Local Highway Panel
     - David Drane Report
     - Footpaths
     - Rosemary Cottage drive
     - Wellyard posts
  11. Environment
     - Trees at Chase End
  12. Policing
  13. Updated paperwork
     - Standing Orders and Financial Regulations had been updated and circulated to members for approval
  14. Finance
     - Update of clerks Contract and a note on pension arrangements
     - Invoices on website for authorisation: CPRE £36 RCCE £60 100 Parishes £10 EALC £135.6 Julian Basdham Cut 5&6 £330
    We will need another short business meting towards the end of the month to approve the internal auditor’s report and sign off the governance documents. This will enable the financial information to be published for public access on notice boards and website
  15. Communications
     - Website
  16. Councillor Vacancy

Future Meetings - Thursday 13th June and August 1st at 8pm Village Hall

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