Parish Council

Parish of Hempstead

I HEREBY GIVE YOU NOTICE that a Meeting of Hempstead Parish Council will be held via Zoom video conference on Thursday 22nd April 2021 at 7:30pm.

Members of the public are very welcome to attend and can raise matters when the appropriate item is reached on the agenda, but cannot speak during the meeting. Please email the Clerk on parishclerkhempstead@gmail.com if you would like to join.

Rebecca Cox,
Parish Clerk

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. 2 Reports from District and/or County Councillor
  3. 3 Minutes of Previous Meeting held on Thursday 11th March 2021
  4. Matters Arising
     - not covered elsewhere
  5. Finance
     - 2020/21 Annual Governance and Accountability Return.
     - Parish Council Asset Register update.
     - Advance approval of regular Parish Council payments for 2021/22.
     - EALC and NALC Affiliation Fees.
     - Declaration of Interests.
  6. Planning
     - 2 Lakehouse Cottages: UTT/21/1036/HHF. Removal of conifer hedge and erection of timber fence. AWAITING DECISION
     - The Russets: UTT/21/0422/CLE. Certificate of Lawfulness of existing use for the occupation of dwelling by a non-agricultural worker. APPROVED
     - Bracken House: UTT/21/0504/HHF. Erection of detached garage and workshop. APPROVED
     - French's Farm: UTT/21/0437/HHF. Erection of single storey outbuilding and single storey double cartlodge. AWAITING DECISION
     - 5 Longcroft: UTT/21/0105/HHF. Erection of detached garden room. AWAITING DECISION
     - The Hawthorns: UTT/20/3045/HHF. Proposed first floor and single storey rear extensions. APPROVED
     - Newlands: UTT/20/2012/FUL. Erection of 1 no. one storey dwelling. APPEAL SUBMITTED
  7. Correspondance
     - Remote meetings legislation.
  8. Neighbourhood Watch/Wellbeing
     - Update
  9. Highways and Rights of Way
     - 9 High Street resurfacing and County Broadband
  10. Environment
     - Village railings.
     - Climate and Biodiversity emergency.
  11. Flooding
     - Update
  12. Communications
     - Update
  13. Defibrilator
  14. Village Hall
  15. Annual Report
     - Final draft circulated for approval
  16. Emergency Plan

Future Meetings: 20th May 2021
Annual Parish Meeting: 28th May 2021

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