Parish Council

Parish of Hempstead

I HEREBY GIVE YOU NOTICE that a Meeting of HEMPSTEAD PARISH COUNCIL will be held at Hempstead Village Hall, High Street, CB10 2PD on Wednesday 18th May 2022 at 8pm..

Members of the press and public are welcome to attend. Please email Rebecca Cox, the Clerk, on parishclerkhempstead@gmail.com if you would like to join.

  • 22/014 Apologies for absence

  • 22/015 Public Forum members of the public are welcome to speak in regard to items on the agenda and other matters of mutual interest. The maximum time allowed for this item is 15 minutes, but may be extended at the discretion of the Vice Chair.

  • 22/016 Declarations of Interest Councillors to declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interest, other Pecuniary Interest or non-Pecuniary Interest relating to items on the agenda.

  • 22/017 Reports from District and/or County Councillors

  • 22/018 Minutes of Previous Meeting held on Thursday 14th April to be approved.

  • 22/019 Election of Chair and Vice Chair

  • 22/020 Register of Interests Councillors to confirm their information is up to date.

  • 22/021 Finance
       Item 1 – to receive financial update from the Clerk.
       Item 2 – approval of bank transfer of £1500 from current account to reserve account.
       Item 3 – Internal Audit report and AGAR documentation approval.
       Item 4 – Asset Register: feedback from the Clerk.
       Item 5 – Approval of invoices presented.

  • 22/022 Planning to review and comment on new planning applications and to note any decisions as at 12/05/22.
       Lakehouse Farm: UTT/21/1862 and 1863/FUL. APPROVED
       Anso Corner Farm: UTT/22/0441/FUL. APPROVED
       Hempstead House: UTT/22/0506/FUL. APPROVED
       Bulls Bridge Farm: UTT/22/1119/FUL. AWAITING DECISION
       Hill Cottage: UTT/22/1018/HHF. AWAITING DECISION
       Iswas Cottage: UTT/22/0827/HHF. Proposed alterations and side extension. TO REVIEW

  • 22/023 Correspondance

  • 22/024 Community Speedwatch

  • 22/025 County Broadband excavation of pavement Clerk to report back on previous correspondence.

  • 22/026 Reports from Councillors
       Policing/Neighbourhood Watch
       Health and Wellbeing
       Highways and Rights of Way Damaged railings. Footpath cutting. Kerb cleaning.
       Environment Tree work. Refurbishment of water fountain. Dog waste bins
       Village Hall

  • 22/027 Annual Parish Meeting

  • 22/028 Platinum Jubilee report on the events being organised by the sub-committee and grant application.

  • 22/029 Matters Arising requiring decisions, to be included on the next Agenda

  • 22/030 Future Meetings Dates The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Friday 27th May at 8pm in the village hall. The June Parish Council Meeting will be held on Friday 23rd June at 8pm in the village hall. Decision to be made on date for July Parish Council meeting.

Signed Rebecca Cox, Clerk and RFO to Hempstead Parish Council, dated 12th May 2022

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