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Provisional unaudited accounting statements for 2018. Apologies for the lateness, further documents will follow shortly.

Accounting Variances 2018

Asset Register 2018

Financial Summary

HEMPSTEAD PARISH COUNCIL Expenditure and Receipt April/May 2018

18-May-18B/P to: Julian BashamGRASS CUTS 1/ 2 PLUS FUEL-430.00 5,403.62
30-Apr-18B/P to: Hempstead V.H.M.CPLAY AREA GRANT-2,000.00 5,833.62
30-Apr-18B/P to: EALCSubscription-136.46 7,833.62
30-Apr-18B/P to: SH & A McCarthyBOUQUET NELLIE HALLS-29.99 7,970.08
30-Apr-18S/O to: Martyn LongS/O MONTHLY SALARY-191.54 8,000.07
30-Apr-18S/O to: HMRC PAYEPAYE-47.88 8,191.61
30-Apr-18S/O to: B D KitchenWEB SUPERVISION-80.00 8,239.49
10-Apr-18UTTDC GENPRECEPT RECEIVED4,375.00 8,319.49
03-Apr-18B/P to: SH & A McCarthyCLEANUP DAY EXPENSES-29.00 3,944.49
03-Apr-18B/P to: Essex Heritage TrustSUBSCRIPTION-25.00 3,973.49
03-Apr-18S/O to: Martyn LongS/O MONTHLY SALARY-153.28 3,998.49
03-Apr-18S/O to: HMRC PAYEPAYE-38.32 4,151.77
03-Apr-18S/O to: B D KitchenWEB SUPERVISION-80.00 4,190.09
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Hempstead Parish Council Financial Information
for year ending 31st March 2017

Welcome to the finance section of Hempstead Parish Council. Any questions or requests for copies of the information should be addressed to the Parish Clerk. Martyn Long email: martyn@hempstead-essex.org.uk, tel: 01440 730196, mob: 07990 998995

There may be a nominal charge of 10p per page to cover administrative costs.

  1. Budget 2016/17
  2. All items of expenditure above £100
  3. End of Year Accounts
  4. Annual Governance Statement
  5. Internal Audit Report
  6. Bank Reconciliation Statement
  7. Explanation of Significant Variances (More than 10/15%)
  8. External Auditors signed report
  9. A list of councillors and members responsibilities
  10. Details of public land and building assets owned

List of Parish Councillors

Budget 2016-17


Internal Audit Report

Financial Governance

Bank Reconciliation


Asset Register 2017

2016/17 Accounting

External Auditor's

Financial Information
for year ending 31st March 2016

Budget 2016-17

Expenditure 2015-16

2015/16 Accounting

Annual Governance

Internal Auditor's Report

Bank Reconciliation

Significant Variations

Asset Register 2016

External Auditor's Report

Information that is published more frequently
Draft Minutes from all meetings should be published not later than one month after the meeting on the website and noticeboard. These include all expenditure except monthly standing orders for the Clerk and website controller’s payments which are agreed annually.

Meeting agendas and associated meeting papers should be published not later than the three clear days before the meeting is taking place.

Dates of Parish Council meetings are on the newsletter and website, additionally future dates appear on the minutes and agendas though very occasionally are subject to change.

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