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Chairman + Police Liason + Village HallSean McCarthy01799 599558
Village WebsiteDiana Frost01799 599771
EnvironmentAlan Weedon01799 599366
Traffic and Legal IssuesMark Welbourn01799 599238
Highways + Public FootpathsDavid Drane01799 599397
Neighbourhood Watch + Tree WardenLaura Saxel 
Clerk + Responsible OfficerMartyn Long 
Parish Council of Hempstead
Minutes of the Meeting of Hempstead Parish Council
held on Thursday 14th October 2021
Present: Part Time:
Members of the Public:

The Parish Council meeting started at 8.00pm


    It was unanimously agreed to accept the apologies of Sean McCarthy and Alan Weedon. District Councillor George Smith passed on apologies on behalf of County Councillor Martin Foley


    District Councillor George Smith gave a brief update on Uttlesford Council:

    The Uttlesford DC legal appeal regarding Stansted Airport planning has been thrown out, and no further action is planned

    A planning services review had taken place, which highlighted many failures in Uttlesford’s Planning Department, including too many refused applications being overturned on appeal. Money will now be available to the Council to rectify the issues

    Uttlesford Council had recently voted on two motions: to donate money to food banks over the Winter period; and to put to the planning committee that solar farm planning applications should come with caveats that at the end of the “farm’s” life the land to be put back to its original use


    Two issues were raised regarding the draft Mintutes of 16th September:

    1. Laura Saxel raised the point that her agreement of taking on Policing Matters as a councillor was temporary in Sean McCarthy’s absence. The Council members agreed and noted this, but it was felt no amendment to the draft minutes was required
    2. A member of the public had queried paragraph 95. Flooding Issues, regarding the Anso Road ditches. After discussion all Councillors agreed that more detail/clarification was required on this point as discussed on 16th September, and it was agreed that the wording would be changed to read as follows: Regarding the ditches on Anso Road, Nick Turkentine reported that he had received an email from Essex Highways stating that this issue had now been passed onto their enforcement team
    The amended Minutes of 16th September 2021 were agreed as a correct record, and signed by the Vice Chair


    Address for Parish Council – The Council discussed the use of the Clerk’s private address for the Parish Council. The Clerk confirmed that they are content for their address to continue to be used
    Committee Room Changes - Diana Frost proposed using one wall of the Committee Room in the Village Hall for Parish Council documents. It was agreed that Diana Frost would approach the Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC) for their agreement. The Clerk to ascertain whether the Parish Council holds an up-to-date definitive map, which can also be displayed
    Roles and Responsibilities – It was agreed by all Councillors Diana Frost would take the lead on planning matters going forward
    Aims and Objectives – The Clerk distributed hard copies of an Aims and Objectives document, and asked Councillors to consider what these might be for their areas of responsibility for 2022/23, to help inform the next budget. Councillors to revert at the next meeting


    Financial and Budget Update – The Clerk provided Councillors with mid-year figures of actual and planned expenditure, which showed that with the exception of unplanned tree work the budget is on track. The current account balance is £7126, which includes the second tranche of the precept but not the £500 Ward Members Grant
    Tree Work Quote – Laura Saxel had received the following quote for work on the horse chestnut tree by the Village Hall: £1240 for felling to ground level, £780 for pollarding to the main trunk and £640 to reduce height to 12 feet. After discussion it was agreed that the best option would be to have it felled to ground level, however this had not been budgeted for. The Clerk to check what funds can be used for this work, as it exceeds the budget for general maintenance
    Invoices – The Vice Chair signed an invoice for £34.90 to Diana Frost for food for the Open House
    Monthly Reconciliations and Cash Book – The Clerk provided hard copies of these documents to Diana Frost for examination. Diana to report back at the next meeting


    Keepers Cottage Farm: UTT/21/3051/PAQ3. Prior Notification of change of use of agricultural building to 1 no. dwelling \ Barn Adjacent to Keepers Cottage Farm. NO COMMENTS REQUIRED
    The Moat House: UTT/21/2479/LB. Insertion of new window to ground floor. AWAITING DECISION
    Barn 2 at Ruses Farm: UTT/21/0542/FUL. Extension and conversion of barn to form 1 no. dwelling. AWAITING DECISION
    Land at Fanes Cottage: UTT/21/2555/PIP. Application for permission in principle for the erection of between 3 or 4 dwellings. REFUSED
    Newlands: UTT/21/2412/OP. Outline application with all matters reserved for the erection of 1 no. 1.5 storey dwelling. APPROVED
    Anso Corner Farm: UTT/21/1764/FUL. Demolition of 2 no. commercial units (with prior approval for conversion to residential) and the erection of 1 no. dwelling with linked parking. APPROVED


    Village Hall Management Committee – Diana Frost confirmed that a formal request for a £1000 donation is to be sent to the Parish Council. All Councillors gave provisional approval to make this donation, and it was noted that it had been included in the budget


    Laura Saxel reported that there had been some new additions to the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. It was agreed that the Clerk will invite a PCSO rep to a future meeting


    High Street Resurfacing – Outstanding issues, including the two large ironwork covers requiring lifting and missing road markings, were highlighted to District Councillor George Smith
    Harvey Way Hedge – Highways Rangers to cut back soon
    Local Highways Panel – Mark Welbourn to submit the Parish Council’s requests
    Footpath/RoW Cutting – County Councillor Foley has continued to chase Essex Highways on behalf of the Parish Council, but no action has yet been taken


    Tree Pollarding – Chas Johnson has commenced work on the Ring O’ Trees
    Village Railings – The Highways Rangers to clear the overgrowth around the railings by the small pond on Church Hill
    Water Fountain – Diana Frost has contacted a contractor to assess what work may be required
    Clean up Day - The clean-up day was cancelled and will be rearranged for in the new year. Look at budgeting for work in the next year


    The village drains had been recently cleared, but additional work required on drains that are still blocked. There has been no confirmation from Highways on when this might occur


    Diana Frost has had the Art Group archived on the village website


    The Clerk is still in the process of arranging a date for the training to take place, which unfortunately proving difficult


    Drainage issues with the new patio area have been identified, increasing the spend. A base for the new bench at the top of the Glebe is being organised


    Mark Welbourn confirmed that he will look into whether the closure of High Street might be possible for a village celebration


    Nick Turkentine still looking to meet with a Fire and Rescue contact. Any updates will be considered when the formal review takes place in January 2022

FUTURE MEETINGS - 11th November at 8pm, 9th December at 8pm

The meeting ended at 9.51pm

For a printable version of these minutes please click here.

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